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By Chokee Slam
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Milkwaukee, WISC.


Flashback of last week's show where varied things occurred such as Austin lieing at the foot of the stairs and HHH blowing Chyna out of his butt. Wow, HHH must have an extreme bunghole. Meanwhile UT's off to the side probably thinking, 'That dude must have an extreme bunghole.' Perhaps HHH dropped the soap just one too many times. raw526.jpg (25186 bytes)

Chyna and HHH, shown on a split screen, has arrived to the arena separately. Alright, don't pretend that they didn't come out of the same car. Who do you think we are, wrestling fans?


raw527.jpg (18751 bytes) HHH comes out. He walked himself right on top of unflattering light. What's wrong with his body? Bostin and I are intrigued and almost hypnotized by it. His torso is HUGE, his arms are entirely too short, he has no neck, and his boots are exceptionally high. He's been midgetized. I bet there's something wrong with his eyeballs and nose hairs too.

HHH takes the mic, says, 'I want to put the focus where it belongs..' Like away from your nose? That's really impossible. Well, you were born with it and there's not much you can do about it. Unless you have money and a good plastic surgeon, of course. Speaking of, he introduces Chyna.

He tries to schmooze her as he brings up all the good times they had. He asked, 'Do you remember that time???' Chyna should have replied, 'No..'
HHH: 'We were in the limo, we rolled down the windows..'
And you both stuck your bare naked asses out the window, mooning those old ladies? That is the epitome of a romantic evening.

You should remind Chyna about EH-VER-EE little thing you got for her. New boobs, new jawline, the 2-ply extra soft toilet paper when she really really needed it. Then HHH asks for a match with Chyna to determine who the WWF title contender would be for SS. Chyna thought about it and replied with a quick, 'No.' That was good delivery, girl.

HHH reminds her, 'Who made your ass?' I'd say the Ass Master, which is sponsored and endorsed by Suzanne Somers, most likely made her ass. Vince made the rest of her. Then I guess her parents had something to do with it but I'm not too sure about that. You better not quote me.

Chyna then says, 'You give it a shot, Treple H.' Has she been taking lessons from Pat Patterson? Where is good ole Pat? Will Treple H be in a Dribble Tret Match and if he does, I recommend he wouldn't do dat dink (my diehard fans would probably be the only ones who can fully understand that).

Austin and his bald head has entered the arena. He walked past the 'security guys', whom, might I add, were not doing their job. I did not see an entrance pass on Austin's body. They should have said (just like any professional security guy would), 'Uh.. excuse me, sir?? Where are you.... uh.... HEY?! You... why.... okay, go on but.. uh.. don't let me see you around here again, OKAY?'

Jericho enters elsewhere (perhaps in the same arena, not sure) and says, 'Where is the stage, I must entertain.' You do that, dude. We love to be entertained which enables us to give some of it back.

Road Dogg enters and boy, the audience is excited. The cameras zoned in on this one bunch. My, they do be the dregs of society, huh? That one kid's got Frog-ism or something. (Does he have a goiter?...BC) The others are basically lost, shocked, possessed, or showing many varieties of insanity. Ah geez, that audience is all wrong. Get rid of them, put in another bunch. Don't you know only pretty people are supposed to be on TV?? It's society's law! Away from camera range, cheeseheads. raw528.jpg (19177 bytes)


Dogg vs. Al Snow with Pepper. Hello AL! So, you're a lefty, huh??!!

raw529.jpg (18501 bytes) In the least, Pepper gets to hang out with Lawler, who exhibits puppy eyes better than the puppy can. Pepper seems distracted perhaps by a succulent, enticing and sexy milk-bone.
raw530.jpg (21639 bytes) Dogg always does his standard 'punches before breaking into a jig to deliver the final knock-down punch' move. The question is, what do his opponents do to while away the time?? If they're really good, they can hover around and still be entertaining. For instance, Al chose to do a Bugs Bunny dance.  Perhaps in the future, someone can perform the Nutcracker (which should be a new finisher move, I think, for Chyna) to pass the time away.
Meanwhile, Dogg snuck in a 'poot to the right' dance move before giving the final hit. Bossy runs in, hits Dogg so that he can conveniently sprawl all over Al for the win. It didn't matter that Dogg was inappropiately out of place for the pin but you never know what those nightstick attacks could do to you. raw531.jpg (21304 bytes)

UT, Big Show and Bearer enter. (The UT's waistline has runneth over.... BC) It won't be long before it'll reach his knees.

UT yaps about Kane and X-Pac and adds, '..whatever, whatever..' Geez UT, you don't even want to hear yourself speak. He then mentioned Summerslam which will occur 'this Sundee..'

raw532.jpg (13083 bytes) SUNDEE? You're such a Texan.

Meanwhile, Show is obviously enticed by the mention of a Sundee. 'Did he just say Sundee?? Mm, whipped cream, nuts, caramel, the forbidden hot fudge.'

UT talks about how they're going to need 2 bikes for a ride into the desert.' Tricycles? With the little bell and some fringes on the handle? UT then speaks about Death Valley, about Big Show's bike running out of gas (no you got that wrong, Show pooted gas and the bike collapsed from the pressure. I think that's what you meant to say. We know what really happened, don't lie).

See, Big Show knows we don't lie. Or he's just thinking about that forbidden Sundee. raw533.jpg (18789 bytes)

Okay, with my deciphering expertise, I will attempt a synopsis of what UT is talking about. Uh.. 2 bikes.. go to Death Valley.. 120 degrees out, Show has horrible gas, doesn't know what to do, UT asks Show how would he survive and Show says he'll stab UT after he's asleep and eat Underbellies until he finds something else to eat. But UT doesn't sleep (and boy, does it show.. heh heh, sorry) and will wait for him at the outskirts of the desert or wait at the desert wearing a skirt. That was a bit unclear. (Mini-Skirt!!! ...BC) Show will show up... with a Sundee but it'll be melted because it is 120 degrees out.

That's the message that UT was trying to convey. I know. I was listening.

UT then says, 'It used to be known as Summerslam..' and this year, I do believe it'll be known as... Summerslam. Maybe next year they'll really surprise us and call it... Summerslam.

By the way, by Summerslam, it will pretty much mark Mad Phat's one year anniversary. Memories. That was when the infamous Wet Spot and the Jelly Roll surfaced to the unsuspecting world.

You're welcome.

Jericho comes out to his rock star entrance. I really do hope WWF doesn't change his music. It's very adequate for him but it seems that UT doesn't appreciate it though. Much too fast... need slow gothic music. Organ music. Elevator music. Gothic elevator organ music. Has anyone ever heard 'Burning Down the House' in muzak? It's pretty disturbing.

raw534.jpg (19879 bytes) Bearer looks at Jericho like he's going to be his next snack.   Mm, come over here, little boy with porcupine hair, abs of six pack and pert nipples for suckling.

Jericho says that we're oblivious to what UT was saying. Hey, I figured out his little story about going out to the desert to get 120 degree melty Sundees and then being stranded there to eat nothing else but each other's bikes. I figured it out. (They were gonna eat each others' skirts. You weren't paying attention..... BC)

Jericho claims that UT can't 'string together 2 intelligent words.' UT should have replied, 'Can to!' They just don't know when to seize the opportunity.

Jericho says that we're basically looking for a hero. Of course, being a child of the 80's, this brought to mind that Bonnie What'sherlastname singing, 'I need a hero.. .. something something morning light.. gotta be good gotta be fast..' Ah well, I don't remember the lyrics but I do remember that she needed a lozenge. Hey, she had wrestler voice. I get it.. chick from the 80's with wrestler voice and Jericho saying we need a hero... which means... which means...

nothing at all so I don't even know why I brought it up.

But yes, Chris, we're all looking for a hero. .... sandwich. I am a little hungry. Seriously, I'm looking for someone to be the wind beneath my armpits (I don't have wings so that will have to do).

UT's turn to retort. 'Judging by the peach fuzz (on your chin), I have more shower time than ring time...' HUH? UT must have a predilection for being in the shower.. and who else is in the showers but bare naked wrestlers.



UT continues, '...and if you EVER...' He should have said, 'if you EVER.. drop the soap.. you WATCH OUT, pretty boy!' Jericho is already compiling a list of wrestlers who want to rape him. Oh yeah, put one sick little Chokester to that list as well.

HHH vs. Chyna. As soon as the bell rang, Chyna was on HHH's case, kicking, beating, etc. HHH probably screamed, 'You said we'd only do this in BED!!!'

Chyna then partakes in performance art. She is the weeping willow, which is pointing East. I dunno. Give me a break, it's performance art. Art is entirely subjective. raw535.jpg (19982 bytes)

Hey, Mankind shows up in this match. Welcome back, MICK! He interferes and Chyna is the winner. Mick asks for a title shot, but he gets a crotch shot and a 'no'. But the trooper that he is, Mick says, 'Are you sure?' as he's hugging the mat. You funny! I go tell my mother.

Shawn comes bouncing out. YO SHAWN, why can't you walk out like a normal person. Do you bounce like that at home? Do you and Willow dance your way through daily activities? Washing dishes, cleaning the fish tank, sweeping, it's like you're living a musical. Interesting.

Shawn says to Chyna, 'Honey... sweetie... buttercup...' You forgot hot cheeks, banana nutbread, noodle, butterfinger. Then he grants the match to Mick.

Testes. For Summerslam, he will have a 'Lover or Lever Match'. I reckon most people in this world would prefer a lover to a lever. Still, I can't imagine that lever matches would be too exciting. I mean, one person moves the lever up, the other moves it down.. (It's a Love Her or Leave Her match... BC) ..

I knew that. I was testing you.

raw536.jpg (21799 bytes) Testes vs. Blackman. Definitely a Leave Her. Shane flounces down the ramp to interfere of course. He gets the Kendo stick and goes buck wild. Kenny runs in.. and attacks Blackman but Shane is still going rogue with the stick. He attacks Kenny, who seemed to enjoy it  since he did a wave. WHOO!
Backstage, Cole is with Austin.  Damn, check out the size of Austin's hand. Yo dude, your hand is BIGGER than Cole's face! You know what that means, right? That his hand is .. bigger than Cole's face. Thought I was going to say 'retarded', huh? Well, you can't make me say that. Nope, I won't say 'retarded'. raw537.jpg (16588 bytes)
raw538.jpg (21851 bytes) Kane and X-Pac enter. X is more vibrant than usual because he has that ENERGY drink. Hey, he may eventually hit the ceiling or his head will spin off but in the least, he's virile. They get in the ring, and pose. I bet they said, 'We so coo...'
Then X's head exploded. Okay, no, he's perhaps trying for a hair commercial: Wella Balsam. He told two friends and they told two friends.. and so on.. and so on.. raw538a.jpg (19892 bytes)
raw539.jpg (19640 bytes) HEY, there's a rampant case of ass leeches in the WWF. One has found its way to X's butt. OOH, perky. It's not an ass leech, it's just a girl named Chokee. I would like to request that X take me home with him. I'm easy to handle and I fold up for easy storage. I also come with a free box of phallic ice pops. (I come with my own carrying case!... BC)

They go against the Acolytes. Kane always makes sure that the camera gets a good shot of his forbidden nipple. 'This nipple is a chick magnet, better than a nice car. I should have it bronzed.'

During this match, Mr. Simmons ends up sprawled by ringside where audience participation is at a zenith. They're pointing the hell to Mr. Simmons, letting X know that he's there. 'HEY!!! He's here!! In case you can't see him.... LOOK!' Even the dude with the big foamy finger is helping. Hey, who said people weren't helpful and wrestling fans were stupid? raw540.jpg (22960 bytes)

D'OH. I think Milwaukee is going to hate Mad Phat, huh? (We in trouble with the cheeseheads... WHOO PACKERS!! ... BC)

UT, Show and Bearer eventually come out to watch.

At one point, Kane had pushed Bradshaw off the ropes and Bradshaw conveniently rolled on himself. You know, just let him wrestle himself. I think he's his own worst enemy. I think his breasts can pin him down and they would be declared the winner.

As X-Pac tried the atomic sit-down move (which always looks like he just fell and landed on his ass in a very unfriendly manner), we wonder if Brad was singing this little song in his head. It goes something like this, 'Sit on my face and tell me that you love me. I love to hear you vocalize when I'm between your thighs. You blow me away.' (Thank you Monty Python, a HUGE inspiration to the decadence of our lives).

raw540.jpg (22960 bytes) HEY, The X Back-Pac is a very popular fashion item among wrestlers. Bradshaw didn't seem to like it since he flung it off his back. Too trendy, huh? Needs fringes and spurs, huh? What he really needed was a Cross your Heart X Boob Pac Bra.
Eventually X does the Bronco Move on Mr. Simmons. Sometimes I wonder if, while bouncing, he's chanting, 'I - Love- This - Move!!!'

Eventually, the GUT trio come out to watch. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! YO!!! Stop pouring Miracle Grow on that!! Are you looking to have that thing sliding on the floor beneath you?

raw542.jpg (15218 bytes)

X and Kane win, by the way.

Backstage, Holly is still talking to the brooms in the broom closet. He tells them to come out when he tells them to. Yeah, there's lots of dirt out there.

Holly makes it to the ring, says he's been backed into a corner. Lawler says, 'He's dangerous when he's backed in a corner.' To himself, yes. He might start gnawing on himself. It already looks like he pulled out most of his hairs. D'oh. He introduces his cousin, Crash Holly. He should have been called Squashed Holly because he was like a disturbing 'Mini-Me' version of Holly. All I could think of was Army of Darkness. Perhaps a mass of clones would come running out from the broom closet and into the ring. By the way, please give Mini-Me Holly a pair of tights that will fit his little self. I think he can cocoon himself in those big panties.

Holly and Holly start beating on each other but .. hey, what's more important is the mic fell to the mat, bounced up and Crash Holly served it towards the audience. What's he doing in wrestling? He should be playing tennis or hand ball in the tough lots of schoolyards. I bet the mic sailed into the audience and embedded itself into somebody's head.

raw543.jpg (22300 bytes) raw544.jpg (22024 bytes)
Mankind vs. Chyna. HHH is backstage, trying to get to the ring but is sidelined by the Night of The Living Referees. Damn, they're swarming on him. raw545.jpg (18417 bytes)

Our well known serial hugger, Tony Garea, (good thing he's not a cereal hugger. What, I'm allowed to make a bad joke) is pretending to be part of the Living Referees in order to steal a hug, I'm sure. The refs seem to be moaning, 'I smell your braaaaain!!! Actually, no it's not your brain.. it's more like... veal...' Besides, HHH doesn't have brain, he's got nose.

Oh dear.

raw546.jpg (14494 bytes) Garea is still in hug search mode. Everyone better stay back.

Back to the match. Chyna actually body slammed Mick! Damn girl, you strong!! I go tell my mother! Mick eventually gets the crotch sock and the cameras switch to the horror segment of this show. The Night of the Living Reffers have now become the Great Wall of Reffers as they entirely surround HHH from entering the ring.

If we look at it from another horror movie perspective, HHH is like a big statue and the refs are like the flock of birds around him. The Birds. New Hitchcock flick, 'The Reffers.'

Mick wins! HHH manages to break free of the Reffers that flock him to save his Chyna, 'BAAABY!! I couldn't get in, the serial hugger was trying to hug the hell out of me!' Garea is persistent as he's STILL after HHH. This is just a mess.

Shawn gets in the ring in time to see that Garea had cinched in the fatal Inverted Hug on HHH. What a body leech. Garea be a happy man now. All the reffers are trying to talk Garea out of his deathhug. 'Now, cease your hugging, you must let the wrestler go, slowly unlock your fingers, do it slowly and carefully, no one here will hurt you. They might fly overhead and crap on your head but we won't hurt you..' raw546.jpg (14494 bytes)
raw548.jpg (17695 bytes) Eventually HHH and Chyna escape the ring. Due to the stress, HHH promptly pooted an air biscuit and the poor horrified Chyna was in the path. You should hope he doesn't do that in bed, especially if his backside is facing you. You AND the sheets might get blown right off the bed. Fortunately, the cameras switched off before Chyna passed out and her hair and eyebrows frizzed.
Farts are fatal.

Shane comes out and says that there will be yet another match to determine the WWF title contender. Shane then shows us his most threatening look to date. Bambi from The Outskirts of Connecticut.

raw549.jpg (15007 bytes)

Oh, Shane and Shawn will be the special refs for that match.

The Rescue of the Week is... the GTV segment where the masseuse is massaging Butt's butt?? How is that a rescue? It's a Poison Ivy-ing of the Week.

Butt enters the ring and says there has been a great.. tragedy. We thought he was going to say there was a great disturbance in the ass. Or the force, up to you. He says his ass is scarred and he's handicapped. You mean you're assicapped. But unfortunately, he will be at Summerslam.

Rock comes out. Aw, he's got to be there too? I'd even prefer the serial hugger to them.

By the way, I'd like to post a really funny email I got regarding the Rock:

--- Poirier wrote:

alright, i've had it.
stop making fun of the rock.
stop it.
he's more than just sweat and nipples.
forget it.
carry on.

It's practically poetic. Rock then calls the masseuse out. It was the Rock's plan to use the 'oriental Herbal.' Look at choo, you pronounced the H. This screwed up language of ours is the British's fault, you know, but STILL, Rock, do you pronounce 'phone', puh-hone? Is 'elephant', elepant?

Then Rock says to the girl, 'Pancake your ass back to Chicago.' Look at choo, can't you tell a joke? What does that mean, by the way? Butt eventually uses the Kendo stick (actually a good weapon to use on Rock is a muzzle) (a ball gag... BC) then Butt sticks the Rock's face on his ass.

Please don't fart.

Lawler announces that they will have a 'kiss my ass' match at SS. Will that be as classic as your Kiss My Foot match, Jerry? You made Aldo Montoya suck toe, meanie. That made all his hair fall out, you know, and he became Justin Credible.

Austin enters, ready to do commentary. Shawn comes skipping down the ramp again and we've got package!! Good thing the camera was getting a frontal shot since the profile would make him look like an unfinished letter H. He is SO dangling! Hey, he's a lefty also!

Mankind vs. HHH. Shawn and Shane are pretty amusing together as they keep shoving each other like little boys. Bostin and I actually do that a lot and this is why we love wrestling. Eventually they'll start doing girlie hand slaps which is, you flap your hands about at the wrist and just pray you hit a target which isn't yourself.

raw550.jpg (17131 bytes) Hey, a squatter! He's like a Mini-Slaughter. I think he tripped later, which of course changes his status to a 'faller'. Good thing he was so close to the ground.
Eventually Shawn bends over for the cameras. Oh Willow. (Her name's Whisper!! ...BC) That thing almost eclipsed Shane's head. raw551.jpg (19487 bytes)
raw552.jpg (11787 bytes) Yo, Shawn's got a charcoal outline of Texas on his calf. I didn't know Texas was murdered.
Oh, that's a higher level squatter, by the way, he's a sitter!

This match ends up as a double pin so... the SS match will be a Dribble Tret Match! A Cripple Tret Match. HEY, we miss Patterson.

raw553.jpg (19823 bytes)

Mick and HHH start fighting again, which cues in the Night of the Living Reffers and the Serial Hugger again. Garea is looking for another score. Imagine that, two hugs in one night. He's so happy, I'm sure he feels like the Luckiest Hugger in the World.

This is Chokee and I will be the Happiest Ass Leech in the World.

See if we care...
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