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By Chokee Slam
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Greensboro, NC

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Flashback of Unforgiven. WHAT HAPPENED!!?? Stevie is giving HHH mouth to mouth?? Smooch. I wonder if Stevie slipped him the tongue though and made that silly lolling noise as well.

An 'Earlier Today' segment where Vinnie, with our good buddy Serial Hugger Tony Garea, is lecturing the refs on how they need to seize authority of the matches. Good pep talk. Vinnie shakes their hands and I'm sure Tony whispered in Vinnie's ear, 'Don't forget to tell that I get the mandatory hug on their way out.'

Hell, it's been a while since his last fatal hug. He's in need of a fix.

raw731.jpg (17888 bytes) Signage: Pac X-. Will you guys get in your right seats?? How embarrassing is that? Oh, I get it. It's an equation. You pac X amounts of phallic ice pops into two mad phat bodies and you get.... X over two mad phat bodies.. saaay, that's a good equation.

HHH comes out to the ring. It's pretty hard to decipher what the lyrics are to his entrance music. It sounds like the dude (who I picture to be super scrawny skinny) is screaming, 'Must-ARD! Must-ARD! Must-AAAAAAAAAAARD!!!'

Easy boy. I think you should switch to ketchup if mustard gets you that hyped up and whatever you do, stay away from the hot sauce. It's for your own good, man.

HHH holds the mic with an oh-so delicate hand. The pinky is extended out in just the right angle to fully reveal the girlishness that he possesses. If it was too limp, it just wouldn't suffice. Any higher, he'd be like Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame. raw732.jpg (16260 bytes)

By this point, I know that HHH has been speaking and I don't know what he's saying. All I know is that he keeps adding 'uh' to the end of his words. Indeeduh... the game-uh.. man-uh... time-uh. Dude-uh.. cut it out-uh.

Alright, HHH says that 'Stone Cold got on his his hands and knees and it was just that dominant.'

Hey, English please? He continues, 'Stone Cold is the last notch on my belt..' Bostin thought he said 'last notch on his bedpost'. Well, judging from that kiss Stevie gave HHH at Unforgiven, he may be right.

British Bulldog comes into the ring, says, 'Enough of Stone Cold..' He and HHH made an agreement that if one of them won the title at Unforgiven, the other would get a title shot. That was about all I can make of Bulldog's speech since I can't for the life of me figure out what sort of accent he has. He managed to say 'First of all,' and 'Second of all,' the way most humans would but... 'DURDOWALL!!' was beyond my comprehension.

raw733.jpg (16502 bytes) Yo dude, where are you from?? British Minnesota, Canada?

Just kidding. But seriously, why are you still tucking your jeans into your boots?? The 80's are over!

Of course, men who know how to have a good clean, fair argument.. start insulting each other. HHH says that Bulldog has a 'bucket sized head'. Then Bulldog calls HHH, 'Gam boy' (which is supposed to be Gameboy but perhaps Bulldog has seen HHH's gammy legs up close). I think the really hurtful words were suppressed for it is family television but Mad Phat shall assist and keep the fire going.

HHH: 'Buckethead.'
Bulldog: 'Gamboy.'
HHH: 'Jean tucker!!'
Bulldog: 'Pinky lifter!!'

Bulldog then attacks but Chyna makes the save. This enables HHH to put Bulldog into a headlock and just pound away, perhaps screaming, 'Pound the buckethead, pound the buckethead, punch bucket, punch bucket..' raw744.jpg (16195 bytes)
raw735.jpg (10325 bytes) Vinnie comes in to bring peace to the galaxy which causes HHH's hair to go windblown. That's an .... interesting.. style (remember, the descriptive 'interesting' is normally a merciful way of saying 'ugly', 'stupid', 'funny looking', or 'whatever look you were going for, you missed'.) How do you describe that hair? (Girl..... BC)

Vince says, 'Dribble H..' Vin done good at speak. 'I hope the British Bulldog caused you no boderly harm.' Vin has been going to Pat Patterson classes of speech impediment enhancements.

Anyways, HHH has to defend his belt against Rock and of course, the audience starts chanting his name. This causes Bulldog immense pain to his bucket. Thy bucket may explode, better hold it together, jean tucker. Perhaps there's a hole in the bucket, hence he's putting his hands to his ears to make sure his brain doesn't spill out. There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. I mean, dear Bulldog, dear Bulldog. raw736.jpg (14317 bytes)

By the way, the fringes on your wrestling outfit?? How very Bon Jovi. COOOOWboy... WAAAANTED... Bon Jovi is from New Jersey, you know, and he's singing about cowboys.

HHH is irate that he has to wrestle Rock. So he looks around for ... the Bucket. 'I wanna kick the bucket..'

An Earlier Today segment shows Steph doing some shopping with Testes for his wedding tux. After he models a snazzy tux, she says he looks handsome. The mics didn't get her saying, 'Now you look like a bunny in a tux. Quik, get the rabbit ears..' (I said Quik.. hwaaar). (If the tux had tails, he'd be a beaver... BC)

Jarrett gets in the ring and he challenges Chyna and Debra to a mixed match. They will go up against Jeff and Helmet Hair Man, Tom Pritchard.

Big Show vs. Chris Jericho with Curtis Hughes. Jericho takes full responsibility for 'ending Kenny's career'. He says that he is 'one bad mamma jamma..' Yes he is a bad mamma jamma who wears 2 inch lifts in his shoes. That just makes him a short mamma jamma. Chris, stand firm and shout out, 'I'm 5 ft. 3 and I'M PROUD!!' while I go get some phallic ice pops.

Prince Albert does commentary during this match. He marvels us by expressions like, 'I will be the new skyscaper..' Like a landscaper?? Scaping the sky would be a pretty difficult thing to do. You'll need a pretty tall ladder and Big Show sized tools.

Lawler says to Prince Rug, 'You wanna start with the Pig Show??'

Yes, he DID say PIG Show. There's nothing wrong with my hearing.


Prince Rug interferes, goes after Pig Show, Jericho runs away and Road Dogg is out barking mad and just manages to gets Hughes.

raw737.jpg (13592 bytes) Steve Austin is walking backstage and whoopsie, Patterson is caught in the background. 'Oh no, I gone wayward.. I better not do dat dink.' Still he had the chance to check out Stevie's bubble butt...
.... and was probably not too satisfied with it since he turned around to retreat. raw738.jpg (15403 bytes)

Backstage, Cole interviews Chyna, who accepts Jarrett's challenge.

See, I can write normal commentary.

raw739.jpg (16957 bytes) Stone Cold takes his standard hop into the ring. I bet his toe is pointed oh so delicately also. As a public favor, Mad Phat will complete the ensemble.  It's Ballerina Steve, the nut cracker. Okay, just a nut.
Steve is pissed that HHH got the title shot. He blathers and paces for a bit.. until he had to stop and put his hand on the rope. Pretty strenuous carrying that butt around, huh?? 'Whoo! Boy, am I tired.. all that talking too... somebody give me something to eat.' raw740.jpg (19120 bytes)

He calls Vinnie out and tells him to 'put a little spring in his step..' Vince may be thinking, 'No way, those girls will end up putting a tutu on me also if I sprung down the ramp. What are you, mental?'

As I look at my notes, I wrote, 'Stevie will get shot..' Of course I meant to write that Stevie will get A shot (at the title). Small words like those are very important to the English language and will distinguish between writers and internet reporters. Heh.

Causing heat.

GTV segment of the Posse telling Terri Runnels to vamoose. Rod and Abs have used her and they're done. Pete Frog however didn't get a chance. The storyline is very basic but this segment allowed us to see the froggish bare back of the topless Pete Frog. I'm getting warts. Thanks.

raw741.jpg (15879 bytes) Steve Blackman vs D'lo Brown. D'lo has got a certain je nae sais quoi (pronounce that as written please) when he does that Puerto Rican girl head shake. Still, we often wondered when he'll get a neck crick or when his head will go flying right off. This evening became a neck AND hip crick casualty.
But he's a trooper as he forages on with the shaking, probably emitting mass amounts of ooch- ouch- argh- ooows. raw742.jpg (15172 bytes)
raw743.jpg (13798 bytes) Then he gives us his impersonation of a ....... puffer fish. Whatever pleases you, m'man.

Droz comes out for commentary in this match. It would have been nice if he commentated. I'm sure Droz would answer, 'Listen, they told me I had to go out there, they didn't say anything about speaking.' Only when Lawler asked him, 'So what do you think, Droz..' did he finally say something. He should have replied, 'I dunno.'

Black Man then gets the kendo stick and attacks D'lo. And since Jim Dotson was there along the way to the back, he figured he'd kendo Dotson too. There, you blew it, Steve. Let's see if Dotson will escort your ass to your car during those late night grocery excursions. Let's see how you fare against those women shoppers with coupons in hand, screaming, 'Pepperidge Farm remembers! Pepperidge Farm remembers!'

Droz attacks D'lo and supposedly puked on him. Good thing we didn't see it. That is just.. wrong, not to mention smelly, acidic and generally disgusting and not very nice. Mark Henry comes out to help D'lo but D'lo resists. He was probably afraid that Henry would eat him. Food or regurgitated food, Henry will probably eat it.

Good God, that was disgusting.

Mankind comes out. He calls out Rock, who is sporting a Golden Circle Condom Shirt. That's good, that's good. Preach safe sex. (We don't want any more of you running around... BC)

Anyways, Mankind wants to make it up to Rock for stuffing Socko into his mouth at Unforgiven.

raw744.jpg (16195 bytes)
raw745.jpg (14642 bytes) HEY, a boat passed by the bottom of the screen.
Eventually rough seas were ahead for the USSWWF. raw746.jpg (14397 bytes)
raw747.jpg (16711 bytes) Is it the Lochness Monster?

Mick does a 'It's Your Life' segment for Rock. He introduces Rock's '6th grade Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Betty Griffith.' WWF flubbery: the caption said, 'Rock's 6th grade English teacher, Mrs. Shubert.' A.K.A.? D.B.A.? F.K.A.? J.F.K.?

Rock tells her to get her no pancake ass to.. Smackdown hotel.. I suppose he'll meet her there later or something. Actually, he should have said, 'her flat AS A pancake ass.' Old age tends to cause asses to go concave. No, I stand corrected.

Concave asses have appeared on the youthful as well. I suppose it's some genetic thing. Ah, yes, after searching for information on it via the internet, I discover that it is indeed called the flat-assine gene. Under the microscope, it looks like this: flatgene.jpg (8221 bytes)

Then Mick brings out Rock's old coach, Everett Hart, who comes out to his own theme music, which sounds so.... Eye of the Tiger.

raw748.jpg (18387 bytes) Mick almost spurts out a Rock catch phrase but nay, Rock stops him ala Supremes fashion. 'Stop .. in the name of catch phrases..' Of course, the Coach gets shooed away as well.

Then it's the Rock's high school sweetheart, Joann. Can the make-up lady lacquer more make-up on her, I don't think she's wearing enough of it. She can still move her face, you know. Anyways, Rock starts talking about their relationship, about how she used to nibble on the Rock's ear and neck...

and this is probably what he looked like as she was nibbling on him. You're supposed to NIBBLE, not EAT and swallow. Well, then again.. never mind. Proceed. raw749.jpg (13716 bytes)

He recollects, 'Remember when you said, 'Rock, go for second base..'' Perhaps Rock then ran out to the baseball field and found that she wasn't there therefore THINKING that he got jilted but was actually just a victim of stupidity.

By the way, Rock says, 'Poontang Pie'.. Now, he's able to say 'poontang' on tv and I get tos'd off AOL for saying that?? AOL = Double standards. They actually had the nerve to ask if I'd like to become a member again. Of course, I returned their software with a little note saying, 'You've got to be kidding,' and a few other words regarding censorship, freedom of speech, cryptic rulings and favoritism.

For example, they never tos'd someone who wrote, 'HHH, I'd like to suck it all day and all night long.' How profane is that?

Anyways, poontang poontang poontang.. poontangpoontang. (Is poontang pie like hairpie??... BC) Probably, just crustier and creamier.

Oh dear.

baloon.gif (71160 bytes) At this point, the word poontang must have sent the cameraman into a state of delirium since he ran straight for a balloon. 'Vrooooom.' Then he probably knocked himself out. (click on picture to see animated gif)
Rock says that the sheep, I mean, the people can all chant his name, 'Rocky Rocky..' I'm sure these guys were chanting 'Schultz Dog, Schultz Dog..' A little variety is better than the same old catch phrase. raw750.jpg (12098 bytes)

It's time for Rock to open the presents. Mick says to Rock, 'Open up this bad boy, Rock.' That's not a bad boy, it's a box. And if Rock was opening up a bad boy, I'd say he'll get arrested and beat up by his wife first, then by the prison guards.

Rock gets a Rock 'n' Sock jacket and a Rocko sock. You know what, this segment was painfully drawn out .. 20 minutes!

raw751.jpg (12729 bytes) In the least, Chris Elliot came in with the cake. That's not Chris Elliot?? Maybe it's ... Robert Elliot, then. Okay.
HHH, who probably couldn't handle the segment any longer, ran out screaming wielding a sledgehammer. He kicks at the balloons, which was a smart move for a person with an IQ of 1, and gets them stuck around his feet. raw752.jpg (19147 bytes)

That's about as embarrassing as coming out of the bathroom with those sanitary toilet seat covers creeping out of the seat of your pants. I know nothing about that, by the way. He should have started wagging his leg like a dog to liberate those balloons.

NAO challenges any team for a shot at their title. Backstage, the Holly's are watching this on the monitor. Mini Holly says, 'You think these guys meet the super heavyweight standards?' Holly should have replied, 'Oh shut up! Twerp!' Little guys.. sometimes you just wanna pound on them. I'm sure at some point in their relationship, Holly screamed to Mini Holly, 'Stop following me around, will you?? Why are you Single White Femaling me??? And SHUT UP already!'

X and Kane actually answer the challenge. WHOO!! Ice pops!! X has got himself a new marketable shirt, a picture of him holding a keg of Energy. Let's see him guzzle that down. He'll start turning colors (including plaid).

The Hollys come in to do commentary. JR says that they didn't get out there quick enough. Hard Holly replies, 'Hell, we had to go get the scale... because... we had to make sure... that.. me .. meet ... requirements.... super heavyweight..' I think his circuits were shorting out. 'Data.... cannot.. compute.. words.. I .. don't... eeeeeh... oooooh..' Fizzle fried.

Hollys interfere in the match. No winners but HUGS all around.

Backstage, Rooster Taylor interviews Moolah and Mae Old. Moolah has her say about Ivory and eventually Mae Old blurts out, 'She's a tramp!!' Anyone ever hear old people scream?? Here is our rendition of what we think Mae Old would sound like saying, 'Traaaaamp!! MAAATLOCK! GOLDEN GIRLS!! You know who's a cute young man?? The Jake Roberts. He's so SPRY! All the young kids like the Jake Roberts.'

I think we're gonna burn in hell. Don't worry, we already have visions of ourselves in our old age. Pink hair, wallpaper clothing, knee hi's rolled down to the ankles. I always picture myself to have a house full of cats and a few shotguns.

raw753.jpg (15340 bytes) Oh.. GNC commercial. This was filmed near where I work. I do recall seeing these men on the streets and thought, 'eeeew, that is really repulsive.' After I got over my initial disgust at men wearing speedos, I figured I should have did a 'nipple-tweek run-by'. For those who don't know what that is, all you have to do is run by all three of them and tweek all six nipples like you were turning six radio dials.

Oh, check out the guy with the big feet there. Y'all know who that is right?? Droz. No one else on this Earth possesses kayak feet like that.

Ivory vs. Moolah and Mae Old in an evening gown match? Good grief. Of course, Ivory lets them tackle her down a few times, to which I'm sure she screamed, 'OH GOD! I SMELL THE GERITOL! Get your Ben-Gay smelling ass off me!'

Eventually, Ivory strips Mae Old down to her pasty white body suit (no way, that's her flesh??!! Whoa), black bra, big gotchies and support hose. Ivory almost managed to toss her out of the ring but Mae just couldn't make it. She was considerate enough to try throwing herself over but Ivory finished the job. By the way, did I mention that this was really painful to watch? Eventually, Moolah strips Ivory and the Golden Girls win.

Then I see a dinosaur emerge and .. hey... when did we change the channel? Jurassic Park is on.


raw754.jpg (19658 bytes)

GTV. Venis walks by, finds Rocko in the garbage, rolls it up and stuffs it in his area.

Jarrett, Pritchard with Miss Kitty vs. Debra and Chyna. Tom Pritchard must have fluffed his hair helmet about fifty times before getting in the ring.

Anyways, Deb and Kitty have a catfight, Pritchard hits Chyna with the guitar, who falls and lands on Jarrett and pins him.

raw755.jpg (9558 bytes) Backstage, HHH is walking. Man, he's serious. I've never seen anyone so serious in my whole life. He's a tough guy, he means business. He's got such immense control, I know he always delivers on his threats and promises.......
But not tonight. WHOO HOO! Did he ever slip on a jiz streak. I think I heard him say, 'Oh dip.' He tried to be graceful about it.

Normally, the first reaction is to flap your arms in hopes that you will suddenly take flight and be off the ground. Gravity can be a mega-bitch though.

raw756.jpg (10570 bytes)

We were expecting him to just fall completely out of camera range and the only thing showing would be his leg. HHH completely grumbled to himself after that flubbery, 'Dammit, those girls are going to be on my ass.'

Backstage, Rock is pacing. He must be thinking, 'haha, got HHH good. All I did was stand in a certain spot for 3 seconds, let my sweat pour off my body until there was a puddle beneath me and ... ha, all he had to do was walk by it.'

Stone Cold comes out for commentary for the HHH vs Rock match. Some female fan behind him must have taken about 50 pictures of the back of his head, his neck hairs and the wrinkles. I'm sure she had them all framed.

HHH comes out on the top of the ramp, 'Hey everyone.. huh.. I slipped back there.' Unfortunately his character doesn't really allow him to say something like, 'WATCH OUT! It's slippery over there!' the way Road Dogg did. Either way, it becomes Mad Phat material.

This match gets taken into the audience sections where we see some body painters. '6' needs to relax a little. And you ':', settle down. '3' is behaving, however, we have no idea where '1' is.

As for Mr. Baseball Cap dude who is facing the wrong way, they're behind you!!! 'Duh, which way did they go??'

raw757.jpg (15725 bytes)
raw758.jpg (19352 bytes) During this match, HHH finally flipped his lid (most likely from the embarrassment of slipping backstage) as he starts doing a Tae Bo leg lift exercise.   He did just one lift though. This was perhaps enough to tire him out. 'Whoo, that was rough. I can feel the burn!'

At one point both Rock and HHH lay pooped in the ring.

All night long, someone kept holding up one of those long balloons (you know, the ones that you can make balloon animals with.. or something that resembles the lower intestines) and waving it spastically.

This time it just looked like it was stroking HHH's ... thing. As we slo mo the segment to get some good caps out of it, we chime in, 'Stroking...... stroking....... stroking....' Of course this segment played in normal speed, we chime in, 'strokingstrokingstrokingSTROKING!!' I think the balloon let out its load. raw759.jpg (20223 bytes)
raw760.jpg (17899 bytes) By the way, does the Rock have his panties on backwards?? The lettering is normally in the back, yes?? Oh well, these things happen. I used to put shirts over my head because I wanted to have long hair. I think Bostin used slips.

Why did I just reveal that?

Anyways, the Buckethead runs in and attacks Pinky Lifter.

What do you expect from jean tuckers. Sheesh.

See if we care...
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